Letter from Chris

  Welcome to Bethlehem’s three-year mission appeal, Opening New Doors. Commencing in May 2017 and ending in May 2020, this appeal invites all members of the church to embrace the vision of this effort and to support it generously. This appeal needs your support to secure financial resources for four…


At this point in time, WHY are we concerned with Opening New Doors? Now that the consolidation of Minneapolis and Minnetonka is complete, it’s time for Bethlehem Lutheran Church of the Twin Cities to look forward and ask “What’s next?” We’re excited to tell you that our three-year, $3 million mission…


Where will this take place? I am excited about Opening New Doors, our three-year mission appeal because it is the first one we are conducting with both Minneapolis and Minnetonka campuses as one congregation. Coming together as new partners in Christ, we were two congregations with a love for the…


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Opening New Doors

What if? What if every time we acted in God’s name at Bethlehem Lutheran Church Twin Cities, we paid attention to the person who has yet to come through our doors?

What if we conveyed extraordinary hospitality to the stranger so that people new to our community would know that we’ve been hard at work preparing for the newcomer, so that with one voice the physical environment and the people connected to Bethlehem might proclaim, “we are SO glad you’re here!”

What if together we focused on those bricks-and-mortar improvements that desperately need attention on both campuses not as something we “have” to do but as something we “get” to do for the sake of those who aren’t here yet, that they, too, might soon grow their own connection to God, each other, and their mission in the world?

Too bold? Too pie-in-the-sky? Too far beyond our reach? … We don’t think so either.