Letter from Chris


Welcome to Bethlehem’s three-year mission appeal, Opening New Doors. Commencing in May 2017 and ending in May 2020, this appeal invites all members of the church to embrace the vision of this effort and to support it generously. This appeal needs your support to secure financial resources for four critical purposes:

  • Make the Minneapolis building watertight, structurally sound, and inviting. Raising funds will enable us to pay down the debt on the loans we are borrowing. We are also exploring options to steward the Minnetonka property in the most prudent and responsible way possible.
  • Renovate spaces that are long overdue. With sufficient contributions, this will include an upgrade of the choir room in Minneapolis.
  • Fund a new pastoral position with primary duties at the Minnetonka campus and dedicate essential resources to invite and engage our neighbors to share in God’s work in Minnetonka.
  • Earmark 15% of funds received to support the work of key mission partners near and dear to Bethlehem hearts.

From start to finish, this appeal will not be about you and me. We’re counting on you to grow in your own generosity for the sake of people we don’t know yet, people who crave the same deep and life-giving connection to the Bethlehem community that you and I have. And we’re counting on you to be prayerful and open to the nudging of God who empowers and enables all good things–the God who continually opens doors in our lives so that we might go and open new doors for others.

THANK YOU in advance for helping us turn our “what if’s” into a bold reality. With your support, Opening New Doors will do precisely what it suggests: open the pathways to our congregation in both locations so that the hungry and thirsty newcomer in our midst might know the warm welcome and bountiful blessings of Bethlehem Twin Cities.

Thanks for your partnership in the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Chris