Where will this take place?

I am excited about Opening New Doors, our three-year mission appeal because it is the first one we are conducting with both Minneapolis and Minnetonka campuses as one congregation. Coming together as new partners in Christ, we were two congregations with a love for the Lord, a heart for others in missions, a strong history of generous giving, meaningful worship, beautiful music, and much more. We have accomplished much separately, so what will we be able to accomplish together? Over the past year I’ve seen our two campuses blend together in worship and activities. If you have yet to visit the other campus, I urge you to do so! You will find more friendly faces and kind hearts.

One of our new goals together is to expand our ministry and mission to the communities surrounding the Minnetonka and Minneapolis campuses. How can we prepare to do this? We are blessed to have two wonderful church buildings that naturally need repairs and updates from time to time, including now. What we do together as we move forward will assure that we can share hospitality and invite others to grow in faith with us in years to come.

What an exciting time! How much can we accomplish as a new team? I encourage each of you to participate in this giving experience, and watch what we can do together!

-Kathryn Schmidt, Mission Appeal Co-Chair