What does Opening New Doors make possible?


Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative
Beacon is an interfaith collaborative of nearly 90 congregations working together to end homelessness through housing, shelter, and advocacy. Since 2003, they have created or preserved more than 500 homes for about 800 people: families, youth, and adults. And, have three new apartment buildings in development: Housing is a long-term goal but too many families need shelter tonight. Volunteers in our Families Moving Forward program shelter 12 families every night in their congregations. We’re grateful that Minnetonka Lutheran is a long-time Families Moving Forward hosting congregation. They also advocate to improve public policies and increase funding for housing and services to end homelessness. Congregations of many faiths are helping to end homelessness by taking an active role in the Beacon collaborative. They provide leadership, financial contributions, and social and political capital. To learn more, sign up for an Opening Doors Presentation at one of Beacon’s buildings.
Global Health Ministries

Global Health Ministries (GHM) partners with Lutheran efforts around the world to encourage stronger, more effective, and sustainable Lutheran health systems as a witness to the love of Christ. GHM focuses on enhancing the capability of international partners to deliver measurable and sustainable improvements in health care and in population health and sends critically important medical equipment and supplies to low-resource mission hospitals and clinics in Madagascar, Ethiopia, Central African Republic and other countries deeply challenged by poverty. These shipments strengthen the healing ministries of the Church overseas and are an expression of a shared commitment to ensure all people, including the poor and vulnerable, have access to health care.

Edeja Hospital in Madagascar

Ejeda is a Lutheran mission hospital, located in southwest Madagascar, a remote area of the country that is frequently devastated by drought and famine. Poverty in Madagascar, and particularly in this area, is on a scale rarely seen. More than half of children under five are chronically malnourished, infant and maternal mortality rates are heartbreakingly high, and too many young women in outlying villages suffer complications during childbirth that result in terrible injuries to their bodies.

  • -The building itself is in extremely poor repair with the morgue not functioning at all (the hospital has historically often been a “last resort” where people bring family members who are beyond healing).
  • -Access to clean water is limited, and electricity not available.
  • -Some renovations have begun but much is still needed – a deeper well and solar panels to bring water throughout the hospital, air conditioning for the operating room for a more sanitary surgical environment, roof repair, renovated housing for staff and for families of hospitalized patients, basic medical supplies and critically important equipment including hospital beds and an x-ray machine.

Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry

Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry engages individuals and communities in transformational partnerships across the globe, supporting over 32,000 children and families via education and empowerment programs in India, Central African Republic, and Guatemala. Centered in faith and dedicated to service, LPGM shares resources, and hope, striving to lift people out of poverty, educate U.S. travelers via transformational travel to overseas partner locations, and bring deeper connections and understanding to all who engage in our work.

Our local and global partnerships are central to our growth and sustainability, and we believe they are vital in achieving real progress towards Christ’s ministry.


Begun in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami that devastated southeastern India, the ALC Community College was founded by local Lutheran church after local leaders said they wanted their children to have more choices for their future occupations than fishing and living off the sea. Several organizations have joined LPGM as partners in this ministry.

  • -Owned and operated by the Arcot Lutheran Church, ALC Bishop Socrates calls it the “City of Hope.”
  • -Courses focus on education that leads to jobs in auto mechanics, electrical wiring, nursing assistants, and tailoring.
  • -The college campus is surrounded by a diverse community of Christians, Hindus, and Muslims, all living together peacefully.
  • -Support will strengthen the administration and governance of the College while attracting more students, and provide opportunities for further engagement and travel of key resource people to India – all important factors in the College’s long-term success and sustainability.

Spirit Garage
Given birth by Bethlehem in 1996, Spirit Garage has found a unique presence in south Minneapolis, and has offered a community and worship experience shaped by those directly connected to it.  Known as “the church with the really big door,” Spirit Garage is now located in the Longfellow neighborhood and continues to open widely its arms to those who seek a Bethlehem welcome along with a non-traditional worship experience.  Long supported by the Bethlehem budget in a nominal way, gifts given to the Opening New Doors appeal will help Spirit Garage stay vital in its ministries.
Urban Homeworks
Through the financial support of our previous Treasure in Clay Jars capital appeal, Bethlehem was able to help purchase and renovate the “Bethlehem House” at 2106 Elliot Avenue South in the Phillips neighborhood.  Volunteers from Bethlehem continue to serve as support teams for the residents, providing a helpful and ongoing relationship with them as they walk alongside them with encouragement, counsel, and friendship.  Meetings with those residents are facilitated by a social worker employed by Normandale Housing with whom we have established another partnership, and a modest amount of the Opening New Doors outreach proceeds will help pay for those professional services.